Akshay Dhoke Memorial Trust was conceived in October 2012 to carry forward the noble legacy of Akshay Siddharth Dhoke. Akshay was an extremely gifted human being. Selflessness and generosity were his trademarks. He was ever ready to help out his colleagues in academics and otherwise. His heart always went out for the underprivileged. This was the reason behind his taking up numerous projects at IIT that were aimed at bettering the lives of the less fortunate ones. The trust has till date undertaken numerous health check-up camps, blood donation drives and is continuously engaged in spreading awareness regarding the menace of cancer in the society. The trust aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To help cancer patients and their relatives in case of financial and related other problems.
  2. To provide good environmental residential and health care facilities for cancer patients and there relatives.
  3. To establish and run blood bank, to establish cancer hospital, heart care, Medical and financial helps to needy and poor people of society, eye – Bank, Treatment – management, guidance center for haemophilic, thalasmiac, Bone – marrow failure, sickle-cells disease, HIV-AIDS rehabilitation and drug deaddication centers. To establish and run physiotherapy rehabilitation center so as to spread awareness among people regarding treatment and relief through physiotherapy.
  4. To establish and run various educational institution in different faculties i.e. academic professional, engineering and technical courses for all stages of education, such as nursery, montesary, Primary, high schools, colleges, D.Ed. , Physical training institutes and training centers, Agricultural, Medical Colleges, Cancer Hospital, Ayurvedic  Colleges, Business and Management Colleges, Homeopathy Colleges, Naturopathy Colleges, Dental Colleges etc. for all age groups, B.Ed. Colleges.
  5. To carry out research in branch of physiotherapy and to run research institute for exploring opportunities. And providing facilities for the purpose of research in various branches of Cancer Medical science and other allied scientific branches.
  6. To organize various competitions on environmental protection, road, safety, home safety etc. for school and college students for spreading awareness in various fields. To help and encourage a guidance for various problem of students.
  7. To conduct professional, skill oriented courses like computer, electronics, sewing, modrine, beauty parlour, craft, toy making etc. for women, economically backward and disabled students.
  8. To provide career guidance to unemployed youth (students) belonging to various sections of society. To organize career guidance program in the nature of training courses, information center lectures, workshops so as to inspire them for self employment. To establish and run vocational, professional, technical, industrial training institutes such as tailoring, embroidery, business management, banking accounts, computer, book binding, craft, electronics, electrical, skin- beauty culture and various courses recognized by vocational and technical board of state and central government. And other training essential for the welfare of youth. To organize these course program to generate fund for the trust to achieve objectives.
  9. To establish and run institute i.e. environmental protection, pollution control, industrial safety, fire fighting, prevention and disaster management etc.
  10. To run institutions in the nature of arts school, colleges for teaching music, singing, dance, painting, arts , craftwork and other cultural activities etc. To organize and celebrate national, social, cultural programs, like debate competition, sports tournament, seminars, symposiums, lecture series etc. for the psycho-physiological development of the youth.
  11. To establish and run Shishigruha, Balasadan, Child Care Centres, Creche Units, Certified school, Orphanage Home, Short – stay home, Day Care Centres & ashrams school for S.C. & S.T., N.T. & Backward classes students and generally for poor and needy sections of society.
  12. To establish and run girls hostels, short stay homes, and working women hostels. To establish and run libraries in different areas.
  13. To establish and run educational, training institute, schools / hostels and rehabilitation centers for physically handicapped, mentally retarded, deaf, dumb and blinds and cancer patients.
  14. To establish and run old age homes and short stay homes, meditation, yoga centers.
  15. To organize social and religious activities.
  16. To do all efforts for the educational, social, cultural, economical and over all development of women of various fields, preferably deserted, divorcee, widows, needy and poor women coming under below poverty line of slum, rural and tribal areas to educate and motivate them for freedom and self dependency with human dignity.
  17. To undertake the schemes introduced by State & Central Government for Socioeconomic development of the people for slum, rural, tribal area, hereby to achieve the goal of development and betterment of women, child, physically handicapped etc. this purpose to undertake the schemes particularly introduced by the Social Welfare Development. Women & Child Development Department of State and Central Government.
  18. To run charitable hospitals, dispensaries, mobile health care units and nursing homes preferably for economically weaker sections in slum, rural, and tribal areas.
  19. To organize blood donation camps, health diagnosis camps, eye treatment camps, HIV – AIDS awareness camps, relief camps for drug abused people.
  20. To establish and run physical education, training institutes & centres and thereby impart various training of National and International sports to youth  and to organize various competitions in the field.
  21. To carry out various projects for spreading legal literacy among the poor and needy to provide legal assistance, consultation and aid to people living in lower strata of life organizing programs like legal aid camp legal aid center.
  22. To seek affiliation, collaboration or accreditation with universities institutions in India or abroad.
  23. To establish centers and institutions for medical education, higher medical education, and to take up necessary activities with a view to provide such facilities, for persons and students in need of such facilities including those of training and teaching for all such purposes and also to provide for and take up such courses for acquiring higher medical or technical qualification.
  24. Tie up with other organization for course and i.e. only for specific program.
  25. To form branches offices in other states cities.
  26. To do propaganda for generating funds via radio, tv, Newspaper and all other media etc.
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